Terms and conditions

All the terms and conditions on this page are like a contract, and both website and the client have to accept and obey them. This is an agreement between the agency and client to ensure there will be no misunderstandings in the future. Also, both the agency and client have to accept all the terms and conditions written on this page.

Contract and Required Servicing Information

If you’re willing to get the services of Web Marketo, then you have to provide all the required information to our professionals, and then you have to make sure that all the data is based on truth and relevance. If the information required by the client is wrong, the agency will not be responsible, and you have to pay the charges. So before providing any information related to your work, first make sure and then send it to us to get the best services by the professionals and experts of Web Marketo.

After getting the services from our agency, you have the time of 14 days to complain. You can ask for any change or improvement within 14 days. After 14 days, the agency will not be responsible for any modification or anything else like that.

Warranty and Agency Commitments

Web Marketo warrants that we have experts in all the niches, and we’ll provide you with the best ethical and professional work done by the specialists.

The company will provide you with all the services within the time. But in case the client causes some problem or provides us with the wrong information and then asks to change the information, the service shall not be provided on time in such cases.

According to the applicable law, the company will have the right to make some slight changes in the services to make them better.

To provide the best services, the agency shall contact the third party or get the help of some other agencies. But your personal data will not be shared with any of them, and the agency will get the services on its behalf.

Clients Obligations

The client must provide all the required technical data to the agency after placing the order. Agency will not start working until the client does not give all the necessary data for the agency. The client shall have to take responsibility for the accuracy of all the technical information provided to the agency.

Suppose the client is getting the services from our agency and some other agency. In that case, Web Marketo will not be responsible for the mistakes or depravity of the other agencies.


For placing the orders and getting the services from our agency, the client will have to pay in Pounds. The pound is the only acceptable currency to get the services from our agency.

Our agency has to get some licensing services from third parties in some cases. So, the client also has to pay the charges from the services given by the third parties.


Clients have to pay every month for search engine optimization (SEO) to get the services. A contract will be assigned, and the client has to pay the charges of SEO every month, and the agreement will be assigned until unless the client asks the agency to stop providing services, and then the contract will be terminated.

Web Marketo ensures the best strategies and excellent work related to all the factors, especially SEO. We didn’t make any compromise related to working quality and standards. Our priority is to make your business successful worldwide, and we’ll turn all of your dreams into reality by increasing your business revenue and assets.


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